Crypto Critics’ Corner

Crypto Critics’ Corner

Cas Piancey and Bennett Tomlin

Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic) Crypto Critics' Corner

In this episode Bennett and Cas discuss what's being termed "shillfluencers," or influencers, celebrities, and other individuals with wealth and power, who use their "influence" to "shill" their investments. There's plenty of people – including billionaires (Elon) and has-beens (Soulja Boy) – who continue to take advantage of their ability to manipulate markets, to the point where it feels like a societal sickness. But will there be consequences?
  1. Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic)
  2. Coinbase Media and why Venture Capitalism Hates Journalism
  3. QuadrigaCX: the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that just won't die
  4. Crypto Capital Corp: the quiet billion dollar cryptocurrency scam
  5. Two Pie Charts and a $60 billion Stablecoin
  6. Zhao Dong: A Summary
  7. Tether Q&A
  8. Tether: A Stable Discussion Part II
  9. Tether: A Stable Discussion

Cas Piancey

Cas Piancey is a writer and journalist who writes about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, focusing on fraud and dishonesty. You can read his writings on his blog.

Bennett Tomlin

Bennett Tomlin is a data scientist and writer working on rooting out fraud. You can read his writings on his blog.

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