The Skeptic's Guide to Skepticism Crypto Critics' Corner

Today Bennett and Cas discuss walking the fine line between beneficial and frank skepticism and full-blown conspiracy theorist, and how sometimes the line can get a little blurry. This episode was recorded on November 4th, before everything spiraled into an utter sh*tshow.
  1. The Skeptic's Guide to Skepticism
  2. FTX and Alameda are dead, long live cryptocurrency
  3. Shadow Banking 2.0 in Web3 and DeFi (Feat. Hilary Allen)
  4. Binance Smart Chain is Dumb and Mango Markets, Too
  5. High Noon at Ooki Corral: CFTC Sues DAO Participants

Cas Piancey

Cas Piancey is a writer and journalist who writes about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, focusing on fraud and dishonesty. You can read his writings on his blog.

Bennett Tomlin

Bennett Tomlin is a data scientist and writer working on rooting out fraud. You can read his writings on his blog.

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