Episode 1 – Tether: A Stable Discussion

Episode 2 – Tether: A Stable Discussion Continued

Episode 3 – Tether Questions and Answers

Episode 4 – Zhao Dong: A Summary

Episode 5 – Two Pie Charts and a $60 Billion Stablecoin

Episode 6 – Crypto Capital Corp: the quiet billion dollar cryptocurrency scam

Episode 7 – QuadrigaCX: the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that just won’t die

Episode 8 – Coinbase Media and Why Venture Capitalism Hates Journalism

Episode 9 – Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic)

Episode 10 – This one weird trick will stop you from ever having a bank run!! (never let anyone redeem)

Episode 11 – El Salvador and Bitcoin

Episode 12 – Regulatory Capture and Regulatory Arbitrage: Sleeping with your Enemy

Episode 13 – BitClout is Bad

Episode 14 – Behold the Brash Bunk from Bitfinex and Binance

Episode 15 – Revisiting Enron with David Z. Morris

Episode 16 – Stablecoins, CBDCs, and the STABLE Act with Rohan Grey

Episode 17 – From Skeptic to Believer: Preston Byrne on the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Episode 18 – Crypto Charity: where you donate to random people making promises and get nothing in return

Episode 19 – Inflation, deflation, and stablecoins with Frances Coppola (Part 1)

Episode 20 – Algorithmic stablecoins and regulation with Frances Coppola (Part 2)

Episode 21 – Bitcoin

Episode 22 – Blockchain Terminal with Robert Green

Episode 23 – Binance: the Tai Chi Document

Episode 24 – C.R.E.A.M. Cumberland Rules Everything Around Me

Episode 25 – Remembering Fraud: WorldCom

Episode 26 – Cryptocurrency Lending is Too Good to Believe

Episode 27 – Evergrande with David Z. Morris

Episode 28 – Liberty Reserve: The First Stablecoin

Episode 29 – The Pandora Papers

Episode 30 – Taiwan and Tether (with Sam Reynolds)

Episode 31 – Decentralization and Tribalism (featuring Oliver Beige)

Episode 32 – Tracking Tether and Working on Ethereum Layer 2 (with Daniel Goldman)

Episode 33 – The President’s Working Group and Stablecoin Woes

Episode 34 – The Tether Papers (featuring David Canellis of Protos Media)

Episode 35 – Stablecoins will Fork your Chain if they Want to Fork

Episode 36 – The El Salvador Bitcoin-Volcano-Bitcoin City Bond

Episode 37 – NFTs, the New Short Killer? No. Definitely Not.

Episode 38 – The World is a Ponzi Scheme, You Just Live in It

Episode 39 – Fuck the SEC, all my friends hate the SEC

Episode 40 – The Silk Road, Bitcoin, and Ross (featuring Nicholas Weaver)

Episode 41 – Craig Steven Wright is a Crier and a Flawed (Individual)

Episode 42 – Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, and the Future of VC (Feat. Elizabeth Lopatto)

Episode 43 – Energy Problem in Kazakhstan is an Energy Problem for Bitcoin

Episode 44 – Poker’s Black Friday (Feat. Jason Bral)

Episode 45 – Bitcoin’s Black Swans (Featuring Doomberg)

Episode 46 – The Complex History and Weird Transition of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)

Episode 47 – Michael and Omar and 0xSifu, oh my!

Episode 48 – The US Dollar, Inflation, and Recession (Feat. Travis Kimmel)

Episode 49 – Oh, a thing called Wormhole ate $320,000,000? Are you surprised?

Episode 50 – The Return of the Bitfinex Hack: $4.5 billion in Bitcoin is Found and Seized

Episode 51 – Celebrities Love Cryptocurrencies – and it’s lame (feat. Ben McKenzie and Jacob Silverman)

Episode 52 – Inflation, the Federal Reserve, and Bitcoin (feat. Michael Green)

Episode 53 – The Verification Scam, How it Works, and Why it’s Everywhere

Episode 54 – Web3 is Wonky (Feat. Molly White)

Episode 55 – Company Towns – Past, Present, and Future (feat. Dr. Ángela Vergara)

Episode 56 – This Man Murders Scams (Feat. ZachXBT)

Episode 57 – Ukraine and Russia and What it Means for Cryptocurrency

Episode 58 – Cities and the Blockchain

Episode 59 – The Many Faces and Citizenships of Justin Sun

Episode 60 – The Foul Financials of Cryptocurrency (Feat. Francine McKenna)

Episode 61 – Trying to Think Like the SEC (Feat. John Reed Stark)

Episode 62 – Should Money Laundering be a Crime? (Feat. Josh Cincinnati)

Episode 63 – We Need to Talk about El Salvador (Feat. Mario Gómez and Oscar Salguero)

Episode 64 – Metaverse 2: Venture Capitalist Judgement (Feat. münecat)

Episode 65 – The ECASH Act (Feat. Rohan Grey)

Episode 66 – The Career Criminal Conspiracies of Cas Piancey

Episode 67 – An Early Skeptic’s Telling of “Why be skeptical?” (Feat. David Gerard)

Episode 68 – Evading North Korean Sanctions 101

Episode 69 – An Unscripted Chat With The Richest Man in The World* (Feat. Colin Platt)

Episode 70 – The Rise and Fall of Reggie Fowler

Episode 71 – Terra, Luna, and Algorithmic Stablecoins

Episode 72 – We Never Want to Discuss Terra and Luna Again…and yet

Episode 73 – Discussing DeFi Risks (Featuring Lily Francus)

Episode 74 – Finding Finex

Episode 75 – Cryptocurrency, Coinbase, and Contagion (Featuring. Jim Chanos)

Episode 76 – El Salvador Revisted: Chivo, KYC/AML, and Nayib Bukele (Featuring. Domingo Flores)

Episode 77 – Disclosures, Conflicts of Interest, and Diplomacy

Episode 78 – Pre-Philanthropic Billionaires and Bitcoin (Feat. Mario Gibney)

Episode 79 – Celsius Collapse: Causes, Concern, and Catastrophe (Feat. Dirty Bubble Media)

Episode 80 – New NFT Usecase Discovered, and it’s Insider Trading

Episode 81 – Bitcoin ETFs, Regulatory Clarity, and the SEC (Feat. James Seyffart)

Episode 82 – NFTs, Frauds, and Algorithmic Stablecoins (Feat. Mark Cuban)

Episode 83 – Contagion and Cascading Liquidations in Cryptocurrency

Episode 84 – Cryptocurrency Criticism in a Down Market (feat. Molly White)

Episode 85 – Celsius Network: A Pyramid of Ponzis

Episode 86 – The Dogecoin Joke (featuring Jackson Palmer)

Episode 87 – Tether Update

Episode 88 – Sex, Lies, and Ponzinomics (feat. Adam Singer)

Episode 89 – Regulators Investigate Coinbase and Kraken

Episode 90 – Draconian Financial Regulation and the Argument for Tether (feat. Boaz Sobrada)

Episode 91 – The Good, The Bad, and The Bukele (feat. Frank Muci)

Episode 92 – Journshillism (feat. Nikhilesh De)

Episode 93 – Saylor’s Strategy – A MicroTragedy

Episode 94 – A Tale of Two Ponzis: Celsius and Luna, Alex Mashinsky and Do Kwon

Episode 95 – High Noon at Ooki Corral: CFTC Sues DAO Participants

Episode 96 – Binance Smart Chain is Dumb and Mango Markets, Too

Episode 97 – Shadow Banking 2.0 in Web3 and DeFi (Feat. Hilary Allen)

Episode 98 – FTX and Alameda are dead, long live cryptocurrency

Episode 98b – FTX Collapse feat. Mike Burgersburg (Recorded Live) (Bonus Episode)

Episode 99 – Continuing Crypto Collapse (Recorded Live)

Episode 100 – A Skeptic’s Guide to Skepticism

Episode 101 – Banking on Regulators – A FTX Story (Recorded Live)

Episode 102 – Sam Bankman-Fried was Arrested (feat. Coffeezilla) (Recorded Live)

Episode 103 – Binance, Auditors, and Global Regulation

Episode 104 – Did Satoshi run a drug cartel: The Paul Le Roux Story (feat. Evan Ratliff)

Episode 105 – Nexo Raided, SBF Lies, and Genesis and Gemini Charged

Episode 106 – Crypto Banks Give Up

Episode 107 – Harmony Horizon Exploit, Lazarus Group, and Cryptocurrency Bridges

Episode 108 – El Salvador and Bitfinex Volcano Token

Episode 109 – Satire in Cryptocurrency (feat. Laurence and Josh Cincinnati)

Episode 110 – Tether Falsified Bank Records (reportedly)

Episode 111 – Silvergategate: The unbanking of Silvergate Bank

Episode 112 – Toilet Apes and NFT Exploitation (feat. Ed Zitron)

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