Episode List

Episode 1 – Tether: A Stable Discussion

Episode 2 – Tether: A Stable Discussion Continued

Episode 3 – Tether Questions and Answers

Episode 4 – Zhao Dong: A Summary

Episode 5 – Two Pie Charts and a $60 Billion Stablecoin

Episode 6 – Crypto Capital Corp: the quiet billion dollar cryptocurrency scam

Episode 7 – QuadrigaCX: the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that just won’t die

Episode 8 – Coinbase Media and Why Venture Capitalism Hates Journalism

Episode 9 – Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic)

Episode 10 – This one weird trick will stop you from ever having a bank run!! (never let anyone redeem)

Episode 11 – El Salvador and Bitcoin

Episode 12 – Regulatory Capture and Regulatory Arbitrage: Sleeping with your Enemy

Episode 13 – BitClout is Bad

Episode 14 – Behold the Brash Bunk from Bitfinex and Binance

Episode 15 – Revisiting Enron with David Z. Morris

Episode 16 – Stablecoins, CBDCs, and the STABLE Act with Rohan Grey

Episode 17 – From Skeptic to Believer: Preston Byrne on the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Episode 18 – Crypto Charity: where you donate to random people making promises and get nothing in return

Episode 19 – Inflation, deflation, and stablecoins with Frances Coppola (Part 1)

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