Episode 19 – Inflation, deflation, and stablecoins with Frances Coppola (Part 1)

In part 1 Cas Piancey and Bennett Tomlin are joined by Frances Coppola to discuss inflation, deflation, common misconceptions in crypto, and stablecoins.

Episode 18 – Crypto Charity: where you donate to random people making promises and get nothing in return

Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey discuss the history of problems with crypto charities.

Episode 6 – Crypto Capital Corp: the quiet billion dollar cryptocurrency scam

In this episode Cas and I take a look at the payments processor for Bitfinex, Tether, Kraken, Quadriga, and Bitmex. They’re implicated in money laundering for the cartels, wire fraud, bank fraud, embezzlement, and more. Anchor Spotify Apple Google Overcast I covered it here: Cas discusses tracking Ravid Josef using her Google reviews here. HeContinue reading “Episode 6 – Crypto Capital Corp: the quiet billion dollar cryptocurrency scam”