Episode 5 – Two Pie Charts and a $60 Billion Stablecoin

Two Pie Charts and a $60 billion Stablecoin Crypto Critics' Corner

Today Bennett Tomlin and I go over the recent disclosure by Tether of the make up of its reserves. If you'd like to read more, please visit: "For Every $1 in Tether there are $0.03 in Cash" https://bennettftomlin.com/2021/05/13/for-every-1-of-tether-there-are-0-03-in-cash/ or "Inside the Great Pie Chart giving Tether its dollar value" https://protos.com/tether-pie-chart-usdt-dollar-pegged-crypto-stablecoin-dollar-value/

In this episode Cas and I take a look at the reserve breakdown that Tether distributed to news outlets.

I covered it here:

Cas covered it here:

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