Episode 9 – Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic)

Shillfluencers (and the unspoken financial epidemic) Crypto Critics' Corner

In this episode Bennett and Cas discuss what's being termed "shillfluencers," or influencers, celebrities, and other individuals with wealth and power, who use their "influence" to "shill" their investments. There's plenty of people – including billionaires (Elon) and has-beens (Soulja Boy) – who continue to take advantage of their ability to manipulate markets, to the point where it feels like a societal sickness. But will there be consequences?

In this episode Cas and I discuss the epidemic of shills in crypto. People getting free tokens or paid to promote tokens in what effectively is a pump and dump scheme.

I wrote about the reasons I dislike these tactics from venture capitalists here:

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