Episode 31 – Decentralization and Tribalism (featuring Oliver Beige)

Decentralization and Tribalism (featuring Oliver Beige) Crypto Critics' Corner

Bennett Tomlin and Cas Piancey talk with Oliver Beige, an engineer turned economist, who tell us whether decentralization is sustainable and how tribalism plays a role.

In this episode Cas Piancey and Bennett Tomlin are joined by Oliver Beige an industrial engineer turned economist who’s work in understanding the structure of networks helps provide an insight into crypto tribalism and crypto networks.

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3 responses to “Episode 31 – Decentralization and Tribalism (featuring Oliver Beige)”

  1. Great discussion again. All that talk about network effects, use cases, and tribalism is super-interesting, and those things are no doubt totally valid factors in determining the ultimate survivors in the vast field of tokens out there. But I can’t help but think that those effects are in many if not most cases swamped by the fact the main function of crypto is often as a vehicle for fraud. Manipulation almost certainly dwarfs the impact of those other (very interesting) effects. So any discussion of use cases, governance, group loyalty, underlying tech, etc. and how those relate to network effects is incomplete without at least a mention of the huge effects of manipulation. I mean, right? What kind of jihadist are you, anyways?


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