Episode 54 – Web3 is Wonky (Feat. Molly White)

Web3 is Wonky (Feat. Molly White) Crypto Critics' Corner

Today Bennett and Cas have the distinct privilege to have on Molly White, the creator and maintainer of http://www.web3isgoinggreat.com – a beautiful showcase of all the disastrous projects that have plagued the Web3 ecosystem thus far. We ask Molly why so many grifters are interested in blockchains, her goals with her website, and why the Federal Reserve, Treasury, and Jamie Dimon are paying her billions to FUD cryptocurrency. Follow all of Molly's projects: http://www.web3isgoinggreat.com – blog.mollywhite.net – follow her on twitter – @molly0xFFF – @web3isgreat This episode was recorded on Friday, February 25th, 2022.

Cas Piancey and Bennett Tomlin are joined by Web3isGoingGreat maintainer Molly White to discuss the many ways that Web3 is not going great.


Molly’s Blog

Molly’s Twitter

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